Lured, Enticed, Seduced

via Daily Prompt: Trust

“Trust in Me”, a serpent’s lyrical song.  Twice sung, twice charms the Jungle Book’s man cub, Mobley.  Twice startled from his trance, a snake twice foiled of its meal.  “Trust me”, Donald Trump’s signature charm.  “Believe me”, a close variant.  Hillary Clinton, void of favorable trust.  A nation lulled.  Hope, dims for an unforeseen startle.  Twofold trances advance their national morsel toward consumption.


Author: Doug Jenks

Every life is a story of stories. Most stories pass quickly, without notice or significance. Every now and then, a story carries with it an impact that marks a life milestone. These are character and philosophical defining moments. With no audience other than myself in mind, I began writing to record and identify my transforming moments. It is with some apprehension that I put these musings in a forum for others to read and comment, with the hope that they will prompt self-reflection on the part of the reader, with regards to their own milestones.

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