Apprehensive Volunteer

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

In August of 1969, the letter salutation read, “Greetings”; a word that immediately conjured visions of Vietnam infantry service.  An Army recruiter visit to discuss alternatives quickly followed.  Here, my two year draftee status, was traded for three year volunteer status, in return for turbine engine training.  Not discussed, was that Huey Helicopters used turbine engines.  Consequently, turbine engine training equaled helicopter maintenance training, which was tantamount to becoming a Vietnam volunteer.

Volunteers inspire noble images.  Well they should, since so much of life depends on them.  To the burned, volunteering necessitates knowing the details, expectations, and implications of the task.  This is not to say that I will not volunteer, even if the end is a difficult challenge.  It does say that I want to know more on the front end, before transitioning from the role of a passive observer, to that of a volunteer.


Author: Doug Jenks

Every life is a story of stories. Most stories pass quickly, without notice or significance. Every now and then, a story carries with it an impact that marks a life milestone. These are character and philosophical defining moments. With no audience other than myself in mind, I began writing to record and identify my transforming moments. It is with some apprehension that I put these musings in a forum for others to read and comment, with the hope that they will prompt self-reflection on the part of the reader, with regards to their own milestones.

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