Questioning Sincerity

via Daily Prompt: Sincere
“It sure do bother me to see my loved ones turning into puppets.”  Bob Dylan

Early in my professional career, the leader of our organization made dramatic pronouncement.  I was too young to appreciate its significance, but an older member lowered his head, and said, “Do I have to change what I believe, every time you do?”  The response was, “In public, yes.”  This memory, in conjunction with Bob Dylan’s line, are what disheartens me about this election.

Seasoned ideologues, committed themselves long ago to framing stories, that at all costs defend their narratives.  Fear and manipulation, are their tools of choice to create relevance out of irrelevance.  In their wake, people are distracted from, and compromise what they hold true, and sincerity is called into question.

I am not good at short one liners to make my point, and I may not be good at my ramblings, but it does clear my head.  Here I go again.


Author: Doug Jenks

Every life is a story of stories. Most stories pass quickly, without notice or significance. Every now and then, a story carries with it an impact that marks a life milestone. These are character and philosophical defining moments. With no audience other than myself in mind, I began writing to record and identify my transforming moments. It is with some apprehension that I put these musings in a forum for others to read and comment, with the hope that they will prompt self-reflection on the part of the reader, with regards to their own milestones.

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